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New Eastside Location: We have moved our Eastside office. The new address is 7402 E Broadway Blvd, southside of Broadway between Pantano and Kolb, 1 mile west of the old location.

We will be closed during these holidays :
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Vision Care in Tucson

At Tucson Optometry Clinic we provide the most trusted vision care available. We do so by keeping up to date with progress of medicine and technically advanced related to vision care. We'll take the time to carefully examine your eyes and offer a clear plan to improve your eye health. We'll be open to any questions you may have regarding any eye issues you're experiencing. We also offer a wide variety of glasses and contacts to give you the best vision possible.

Tests and Exams for Vision Care

Having your eyes examined is a great way to catch issues before they become a bigger problem. This will help you maintain good vision care. It's also important to highlight that a lot of eye diseases in their early stages show no symptoms at all. The only way to catch them in those early stages is by having them examined regularly. Tests can help determine what's going on before it begins to drastically affect your vision. Don't wait until it's too late, contact Tucson Optometry Clinic today to schedule an appointment.

Vision Care With Tucson Optometry Clinic in Arizona

Glasses to Help with Vision Care

At Tucson Optometry Clinic in Arizona we can help you find the right pair of eye glasses for you. Our staff comes with years of experience in helping our patients find the perfect designs, materials, and coatings to help optimize your vision. You'll find a vast variety of glasses, prescription sunglasses, and safety glasses. All these options come with a wide range of styles. We even have options with special features such as, progressive or bifocal lens design, anti-reflective, scratch resistant and UV coating, photochromic lenses such as transitions, polycarbonate, trivex, and high index materials. Anything to assist in your vision care.

Choosing Contact Lenses

If you're in need of a large selection of contact lenses in Arizona, come to Tucson Optometry Clinic. We pride ourselves in helping those suffering with vision issues to find the best fit for them. We'll make sure it meets all your personalized needs. We have lenses that can directly help with nearsightedness (hyperopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, presbyopia, and more! If you're looking for colored lenses we offer many brands for this as well! If it's for aesthetics or vision care, we can help.

Our Vision Care Services

From getting a comprehensive eye examination to searching for your perfect pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses, the experts at Tucson Optometry Clinic are here to help!

Eyeglasses rack for vision care at Tucson Optometry Clinic.


Contact Lenses with a Vision Care Specialist at Tucson Optometry Clinic.

Contact Lenses

Mirrors on a counter at the Tucson Optometry Clinic


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