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New Eastside Location: We have moved our Eastside office. The new address is 7402 E Broadway Blvd, southside of Broadway between Pantano and Kolb, 1 mile west of the old location.

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Vision Over 40 - #1 in Tucson Eye Care

Nothing is more important to us than your overall eye health. We offer comprehensive eye examinations that allow us to pinpoint any changes in your vision, then correct them with glasses, contacts, or a combination of both. We are able to detect or treat eye health and refractive conditions such as infections, ocular allergies, dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and computer vision syndrome.

We have a full service optical and contact lens dispensary. Our staff has years of experience helping patients pick the right designs, materials, and coatings in order to optimize the vision through their glasses. These include a wide selection of lens designs and features including but not limited to; progressives or bifocal lens designs, anti-reflective, scratch resistant and UV coatings, photochromic lenses such as Transitions, polycarbonate, trivex, and high index materials, and many others.

Dry Eye After Menopause

Many older Americans have dry eyes that can range from mild to severe. And if you are 50 or older and female, your chance of developing a more severe form of dry eye syndrome is even higher. Studies show that about 7.8 percent of women in this age group have dry eyes, compared with 4.7 percent of men age 50 and older...

How Progressive Lenses Work

No one likes to advertise their age — especially 40-something adults who start having trouble reading fine print. Thankfully, today’s progressive lenses make it impossible for others to tell you’ve reached “that bifocal age.” Progressive lenses, sometimes called “no-line bifocals”, give you a more youthful appearance by eliminating the visible lines found in bifocal (and trifocal) lenses...

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Bifocal contact lenses are designed to provide good vision to people who have a condition called presbyopia. The main sign that you’re developing presbyopia is that you need to hold menus, newspapers, and other reading material farther from your eyes in order to see it clearly...

Multifocal Eyeglass Lenses

Do you need bifocals? Some time after age 40, you will begin to notice the symptoms of presbyopia, including that feeling that your arms “aren’t long enough” to hold a newspaper or magazine at a position where you can read it clearly...

Occupational Bifocals and Trifocals

Occupational bifocals and trifocals are special multifocal lenses that are designed for specific jobs or hobbies but typically are not for everyday wear. They are special because of the unusual placement of the near, intermediate, and far vision zones in the lenses, to make certain tasks easier...

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